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If you want to LEARN ABOUT, or have ever
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 Dr. Phil Diet,
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Over 600 Positive Feedbacks!
All testimonials you see here were totally unsolicited.  I’ve never requested feedback or followed up with customers, as a respect for privacy.

THIS is the diet information and motivational tool that YOU have been looking for! Whether you are a diet pro or just getting started, you will love it.  The ONE Year Guarantee has been in effect 2 years now, so it is FOR REAL!  And NOW, we have just released this new CD with even MORE information than EVER!

The latest update to this CD is incredible - The summary info you need to do each type of diet, and the supporting recipes, motivation, and scoring to be successful is included for FAST training.  You will have immediate HOW TO with motivational support not available anywhere else.

As a dieter or would-be dieter, you know that it takes a little work and research to find a diet that works. Many of them DO actually work, if you know what you are doing, and you are truly motivated and informed. Information is GOLD. Motivation is part of the information! You need to understand the important parts of a diet that you must know to be successful. Then, you must have important supplemental information, like food lists that list carbs or fat or calories etc. for all foods, and a bunch of nice scrumptious recipes so you can get started right away.  This CD and Companion Guide Book cover the basic diet information for these currently popular diets, and also conventional low calorie or low fat diets, whether new or old logic.

The CD Diet incorporates information and links or pertinent information for Low Carb diets as well as Low Fat, Low Cal, and psyche diets. Summaries of the Atkins, South Beach, and Dr. Phil diet beliefs are included along with supporting tables of ALL 6500 USDA defined foods for the key elements for each DIET!  The CD contains over 680 megabytes of information to support you in all of these diets. Read our diet research summaries and research surveys of successful dieters of various diets, then use the supporting materials on the CD to launch yourself into the diet that you choose, or the diet that you have already chosen.

In the end, we urge you to focus on the SPECIAL CUSTOM Valley Research Low Carb / Low Fat / Reasonable Calorie Foods List in the Companion Guide Book and CD.  Foods are ranked from “Eat all you want” to “Eat almost all you want”.  This list is not duplicated anywhere on earth.  Here is just a bit more of what you get on the CD and guide. More details are found further in this listing.

  • Includes charts of ALL USDA foods to support each diet and get you started fast.  Also includes the entire USDA Database and charts that you would normally spend $39.99 alone to get on a CD.
  • Supporting diet recipes for Low Carb and Low Fat diets.
  • Based on research, find out why some dieters fail at the SAME diets others are successful doing. People lose weight on all diets, and a lot of people fail at these same diets.  Why?  We show you the common threads to losing weight on any diet, which are simple but need to be remembered daily.  We have the checklist for you.
  • Every known food alphabetized and then also ranked high to low for carbohydrates, saturated fat, calories, fiber, as well as glycemic index information that may well surprise you, and more!. Quick lookup in the Companion Book for the foods you can eat plentifully on almost ANY diet!
  • No “partial listings” of foods list like those currently found in most diet books.  This CD contains EVERY food from the 6500 foods list and is listed high to low or low to high for Carbs, NET Carbs(for Atkins fans), Sat Fat (South Beach fans), Calories, Fiber and more.
  • Launches you quickly into any diet that you choose!

The big news in diets in the last year is that we now know that valid research has shown that Atkins and low carb diets DO in fact work. News releases announced in May 2003 referencing valid research show that the diet is as safe and effective as low calorie weight loss plans, and people lose twice as much weight on low carb.  This happened while the dieters saw greater falls in triglyceride levels, a much greater increase in the levels of the GOOD cholesterol, and improvements in insulin sensitivity. All of these news releases are on the CD.

The Atkins diet has been followed by the South Beach diet which is similar in that is stresses reduction of carbs.  However that diet allows more ‘veggie carbs’ plus stresses staying away from high saturated foods with low carbs.  For some time now, there has been huge negative press on carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates.   That is something actually worth incorporating into ANY diet! The South Beach diet also stresses staying away from high glycemic index foods.  We have startling information about the glycemic index which is “must read”, as well as sources to show you the values.

Guess what, a low fat or low calorie diet works for many people as well, and has for a long time.  Pick your style. We suggest you pick whatever is convenient for you to eat. The low carb diet is fun because the foods are more satisfying and actually make you feel full quicker.

Early this year the Atkins people did come out and said that although the Atkins diet stress eating low carb foods, dieters should avoid the higher fat low carb foods. And they should also control their eating as much as possible, meaning  “You can’t eat ALL you want”.

Well, most people already figured that out, including the South Beach Diet folks and even ourselves, who have been suggesting using the lower fat / calorie items in the low carb list for low carb dieters. 

NOW THE GREAT NEWS:  The CD AND Guide Book already has a secret LOW CARB, LOW FAT, LOW CALORIE FOODS lists that you can really go to town on.

We have always stressed focusing on Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Calorie foods for ACCELERATING weight loss.  Start at the beginning of this special list, and “eat all you want”. Even the foods at the end of the list are “eat almost all you want”!

NOW: Why do only some people lose weight on a diet? And why do some fail on that same diet?  Well, because people lose weight for a lot reasons, but we did research and found out which things make the weight loss winners the most successful. There are things like your body chemistry which might make one type of diet more successful for you than another.  However, there are a few BIG items, that you will learn, which will help you tremendously on any diet you do.

The CD DIET gives you an incredible wealth of tools and information you can use to make your diet more successful and expedite your weight loss.

The goal of this package is to provide you with all the support information you can use to be super successful on any diet. Pick the one that you like the best, and JUST DO IT with our plan. It includes information to quickly support you. This CD is published by Valley Research Institute, and is not affiliated with any of the diet companies.. The CD is shipped along with the Companion Guide Book to support you in many ways during your journey.

It's like getting over 50 brand new books of diet information, including a ton of information not available anywhere else! Information collected for 5 years and copyrighted by Valley Research Institute, this offer is all you’ll ever need to succeed. You currently cannot get this offer anywhere else. It will soon be published nationally with a higher price, so ACT NOW!

This same offer sells for $39.99 on the regular site,  and has over 680 Megabytes of information (a PACKED CD). It truly includes the UNPRECEDENTED 100% ONE YEAR GUARANTEE AND a "DOUBLE GUARANTEE" CHALLENGE WITH FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT!


Bonus# 1

ACCESS TO OVER 20,000 LOW CARBOHYDRATE RECIPES AND 10,000 LOW FAT RECIPES - Access to the the largest compilation of diet recipes anywhere, and it grows daily!  Helps you easily pick meals that fit your budget, taste, and time. Quick start yourself on your diet the fun way - eating delicious food!  Many meals are rated, so you know which are the best.


YOUR OWN COPY OF THE USDA DATABASE WITH 6.000 FOODS DEFINED BY CARBS, SATURATED FAT, PROTEIN,  CALORIES AND OVER 100 ADDITIONAL NUTRIENTS - With software that makes it easy to find all food values, including  every other nutrient that concerns you, you won't have to be online ever again! The USDA charges $39 just for this info alone on a CD!


COMPANION GUIDE BOOK AND SCORING SYSTEMS - The Quick Reference Companion Guide and easy access to online and off-line scoring systems for each diet make your diet a guaranteed success. Helps you track everything you eat and, what you weigh, with graphing charts for daily motivation.  It's so easy and simple to get to everything you need for your favorite diet instantaneously.


PRIVATE DIET SURVEY TELLS ALL - Find out stunning survey responses from real dieters, and what worked for them. All the details! Find out what things make dieters most successful. For Instance, several dieters who were successful, had at one time, failed the Atkins diet. FIND OUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOUND ACROSS THE BOARD THAT HELP PEOPLE ON EVERY DIET (And it's NOT exercise!)
USA Today: "Now the trend for on-line dieting is toward the personal. Dieting stories, successes and failures, tales of "what worked for me" are cropping up and proving popular with dieters.  ... the content ... offers loads of information..."   Ann Olendburg, USA Today


THE BEST LOW CARB SUBSTITUTES - If you are doing Atkins or Low CARB, you can still eat carb type foods! Bread, pie, mashed potatoes, and many other specialty low carb foods with real reviews by real people so you know the truly good tasting products from the sawdust. Plus, unbiased ratings of the top products! Using these on a low fat diet will STILL help you accelerate weight loss while keeping bad “refined carb” out of your body.


CUSTOM REPORTS FROM THE USDA DATABASE - Ranking charts help you easily pick out out the lowest carbohydrate foods, highest protein foods, highest fiber foods, lowest fat and calorie foods, and so on. All In a simple "low to high" list format so you can easily choose foods to maximize your diet and taste.


ACCESS TO RESTAURANT FOODS NUTRITIONAL INFO - Everyone likes to eat out. This makes it easy to find out the nutrient values of meals offered at popular chain restaurants.


DIET PUBLICATIONS - Official Publications help you "Learn and be Motivated" including Low Cost Recipes, Dietary Guidelines, Obesity Guidelines, FTC reports on hundreds of diet scam products you read about every day, and much, much more. Thousands of pages of info, so you never have to look elsewhere again.  All of these large publications are right on the CD so no downloading time will be wasted.  Many official US Gov't publications on obesity and diet are included.


DIET INFORMATION SECTION- More motivation, with over 1000 diet tips from real life dieters. This is very informative and very motivational.  Includes extensive diet support information.


DIET SUPPORT SITE LINKS - Only the best of the best, saving you hundreds of hours of searching for the finest diet support resources. See hundreds of thousands of posts by dieters. Learn from them, they tell true stories.

ONE YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE and LIFETIME TECHNICAL SERVICE!!!! Unlimited LIFETIME technical support, everyone is ensured to have success getting started easily on ANY personal computer (PC or MAC).  All requests and questions are hand held and cared for like you would want it to be if you were imagine the transaction to be PERFECT.

"The most important thing I did in losing 213 pounds is  ........................"  (Validated Independent Diet Survey Responses). You may be SHOCKED when you hear the answer.  A validated comment, by the way, shared with many different dieters of different plans, including the Atkins diet.

"Thank GOD I found you. This is a wonderful helpmate." -Paula

Find out why some people fail at the SAME diets
that others are SUCCEEDING at!!

 All the resource information you need to stay motivated and informed about dieting, food nutritional values, tons of specialized diet software, and more are included.

Here's more info on what you get:

  The Best Low Carb Recipes, AND Low Fat/Calorie Recipes, and the Tastiest Low Carb Specialty Food Products: One of the complaints of some many dieters they get tired of eating the "same food". It's only because they don't know about THE HUGE SELECTION OF DELICIOUS RECIPES  AND TOP RATED FOODS AVAILABLE THAT MEET THE DIET RULES.  After trying some of these tasty specialty foods you will think you are eating all carbs when you're really not.  You will be so totally satisfied. It will be simple for you to learn from this huge source. Here is some of what you will have simple and easy access to: 


Enjoy your holiday roast this year without the guilt or added waistlineThousands and Thousands of Low carb recipes from the best sources you will ever find, featuring Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf, Bacon Cheeseburger, BBQ Beef Brisket, Pizza, Southern Egg Salad, Chocolate Oblivion, County Pork Ribs, etc.

Includes many recipes that are rated by people who tried them out, saving you time in finding the absolutely best ones to try out first. Excellently cataloged with easy searches.

The fun part about the Atkins diet is you do get to eat those foods you crave; you crave them because your BODY NEEDS THEM!

Click here to read some recipe title examples

Includes links to the official Atkins Center recommended recipes .

Find out how to make low carb breads, pastries, Let the holiday hams be enjoyed like the good old days -  happy happy happycookies, and many more substitutes for typically high carbohydrate foods.

These are real links to real 100% FREE recipe sites and are not the "all too often found madness" of people trying to sell you something.  These are conveniently displayed for your access forever, available on one page, without having to hunt and make some huge index.  No registration required. Quick, easy, and ONLY THE BEST. Valley research has spent countless hours drilling down to the most valuable "GOLDEN" sites on the net to support you every day.

The CD also has tons and tons of diet information and motivation that will get you to your goal on our MAXED OUT MEGABYTE CD.........

  The entire US Gov't USDA Nutritional Database with Over 6200 foods - real time at your fingertips: Over 100 nutrient elements for each food! EASILY FIND THE CARB CONTENT AND REFINED SUGARS IN ANY POSSIBLE FOOD. MAKE YOUR OWN RECIPES FROM YOUR FAVORITE DISHES. No more books or slow Internet access, and you own it forever.  This is the SAME database that the USDA sells for $39! And it's only a fraction of what you get on the CD!!!  PLUS, we've extracted customized charts to help you pick out the low refined carb Atkins diet foods! Check it out:

Custom Food Ranking Charts extracted from the latest USDA Data to help you find the foods that best fit your particular diet preferences: Click here for a pop-up that let's you search for fat grams

  • Lowest NET Carbohydrate Foods sorted low to high
    • ALL 6200 FOODS WITH THE FAMOUS ATKINS “NET CARBOHYDRATE” CALCULATION WHICH YOU NEED TO TRACK! (The book only contains a handful of foods with the calculation)
  • Lowest Carbohydrate with the Lowest Calories sorted low to high
  • Lowest Calorie Foods sorted low to high
  • Highest Protein Foods sorted high to low
  • Lowest Fat Foods sorted low to high
  • Highest Fiber Foods sorted high to low
  • Lowest Sodium Foods sorted lo tow high
  • Alphabetic listing
  • Glycemic Index Information

You get this information for all 6200 foods extracted from the latest USDA Nutritional Database, along with the most popular Nutrients in simple to view and print tables.  Not available elsewhere.

"I cannot thank you enough.  I cannot believe how much your information changed me and let me take control of my life."     Zach E., Raleigh, NC.

 Daily Tracking Systems: Watch your progress as everything is calculated automatically for you: Track your progress daily on the Scorecard items.  This makes it simple, while being a very powerful tool. One custom scorecard is not duplicated anywhere and is based on years of research by REAL LIFE dieters!

Atkins Diet Forums: Access to hundreds of thousands of postings on the top Atkins diet discussion forums, all from one place. Great support and real life stories to help you reach your goal quickly.

 Palm Pilot Files: The USDA Nutrient Calculator for Palm OS. Also we provide special condensed Excel files of selected low-carb charts and the daily Scorecard that can fit in your Palm.

 Information Warehouse with Hundreds of Diet Tips from Real-Life Successful Dieters:
No product pitches.  You will be very motivated by the tips and you'll quickly realize that the people that lose the most weight really understand and track what they eat and do.  Some foods and tips work much better than others. Dieters have found many ‘tricks' to speed up their weight loss and they are all revealed here. Over 50 huge pages of information including government recommendations on diet and health.

"I was reading your article on " A Powerful But Spooky Technique " and I think that it is a VERY good way to live a persons life.  For those people who are overweight, have a really bad temper, or the other things discussed in this article, this could very well help them out. I just wanted to stop by and say this to you. Keep up the great work!"   -Gardner


"This is the greatest that I've ever seen. I am a 38 year old male in case you have a census going. You have done a fine job, my Guru. LOL. I will tell everybody ....Thanks."     -Artazan

 Special Reports and bonus documents that will help you understand what to eat, find the best diet foods, and motivate you through the dieting process. Save time and lose quickly! 

Secret Diet Survey Detailed Results: Valley Research Institute results of an in-depth dieters survey exposes exactly what ‘diet plans' have been successful for people like you. Includes details such as how many pounds were lost how quickly on each type of diet.  You get several different cuts and analyses of the survey which are not provided via any other media.  It's only on the CD.

"I was really surprised to see the detailed independent survey results. They simply shocked me.  The truth is out. And so simple. Outstanding information."  Reatha A. New Zealand

Over 500 Megabytes of Information! Too much information to download, hundreds of times the size of many CD's, the only way we can get so much information to you is via CDROM. This CD is available only from us! You can run the CD right from the CD Drive at lightning speed, or install the info right on to your computer.

Commercial Free! All of the information is provided without even one advertisement on the entire CDROM! Nothing more to buy ever!.

Free Education Distribution: If you are a public or private school teacher you may use or give this information, unaltered, to your students. They may use or copy the information as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.  You can even give copies to your entire class or load it on your school server, free! The USDA database, along with our Secret Custom Charts, are terrific tools for student analysis and reports.

EXTRA BONUS #1: You get Top Free PC Software Programs to help you get healthy and stay healthy:
* Recipe Organizer, Quick USDA Searches, Cookbook Program, subliminal messaging program, and more.

"The extra software was a real surprise bonus, what a deal! "  Jodie H, Minnesota

EXTRA BONUS#2: Free on-line updates will be provided for major updates.  Also, if the CDROM ever fails due to scratches or for ANY reason, contact us and we will send you a brand new CD for free.  All of our guarantees are documented in the license agreement shipped with the CD.

"Was looking for a little inspiration tonight and there you were .... Again thanks."  -Jackie M.

Whether you are an Atkins diet beginner or experienced and looking for the most enjoyable way to maintain your weight loss, this CD is a MUST.


It's very easy to use, BUT....

It contains the most comprehensive amount of Atkins Diet and general diet resources anywhere!  All from one place!

It ensures you have all the inside information from real life dieters and private research, needed to be successful. Information not found elsewhere.

Success tools and information motivate you and keep you on track!

It's GUARANTEED to make you lose weight or your money is cheerfully refunded up to one year from purchase.

THE PROMISE: You WILL lose weight and be more informed than ever.  A one year money back guarantee backs up that promise.  Also, Dr. Atkins' book along with this CD will provide more comprehensive diet information and ongoing support than any other diet software available or you get DOUBLE your money back!

Valley Research Institute is independent from Atkins Nutritionals Inc., South Beach Diet, or Dr. Phil, however offers this support CD to the help you to be effective. The books published by individual diet authors are essential to understanding the individual diets in depth, and we urge you to purchase their books if you get started on one specific diet.  And, of course, you should also check with your doctor before engaging in any diet or exercise program.


Copyright 2004 by Valley Research Institute, All rights reserved.